• Xe 84′ CAT 518 / Rotosaw cutter đã qua sử dụng

Xe 84′ CAT 518 / Rotosaw cutter đã qua sử dụng

ID Thiết Bị# 3144    Đã Xác Minh Chủ Xe

-Only thing wrong with cutter is one of the top cylinders, where you dump the trees, leaks a little

-Center section is good

-Tires size: 28’s

-Tires tread: 40% all around

-He owned for 10yrs+

-Only ran it about 7-10hrs/week when they were logging

-Burns NO OIL

-Hydraulic pumps were replaced 5+yrs 

ago.  Since then, machine has had approx. 200-300hrs put on engine

-Heat works

-Can cut up to 22 inches max, but it cut 24+ throughout its life

-It has 3 forwards and 3 reverse gears

-It has a clutch brake

-it has a break

-2 valves for the breaks will come with machine.  One of the valves have never been used, once you use it, it’ll stick.

-the valve on the clutch break you can leave it in gear, push the break, rev it up, run your hydraulics, and it’ll go wherever 

-It’s designed to leave a 4 inches stump

-Risley Rotosaw manufactured the cutting part to go in the same mounting holes of the machine, then sold it to CAT and CAT only made a few of them

-It cuts nice and smooth.  Will go right 

to cut trees

Tình Trạng: Good
Thương Hiệu: CAT
MODEL: 518
Odo/Giờ sử dụng:
Đời Xe: 1984
Giá: 19500
Thành Phố: MI
Giao Hàng: Có Hỗ Trợ Giao Hàng

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